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The surrounding countrysideThe Clydebank Plan has been drafted by Clydebank Re-built staff, working closely with local people and local organisations.

This is the plan of action which will guide the regeneration of the town over the next decade. It includes an investment strategy of over 235 million - along the riverside and in the town centre.

Our role is to stimulate discussion, shape ideas and encourage development. Many of the projects in this section will be delivered by CR directly. Others will be developed in partnership with other agencies including how to get replacement docs or through the public and private sectors in full consultation with CR. All have the common objective of delivering different aspects of the Clydebank Plan.

Banners Public Spaces

Early stages of the public spaces programme focuses on the public realm within Central Clydebank. The aim is to herald the wider regeneration of the Town and signal a new, confident Clydebank, through the creation of a series of new gateways to the Town, through the strategic placement of artworks and architectural lighting and by establishing a family of attractive new signage.

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