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Clydebank Conference October 2003 First Annual Conference Was A Great Success

As part of our ongoing consultation programme, Clydebank re-built held a short conference in the Town Hall on Thursday 30th October 6pm-8pm.

The theme was Clydebank: beyond the yards and Alf Young, Policy Editor of The Herald, was our key note speaker. He shared his views on the Clyde and the passing of its primary role as the shipbuilding centre of the world and examine where Clydebank fits in to the modern world and how it can become an asset to the wider economies of the West of Scotland and Scotland as a whole.

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The Queen visits Clydebank Even our children have designs on the future

All the schools in Clydebank have been involved in a programme where students have built models of their favourite buildings in Clydebank from photographs which they have taken. The aim is to encourage the young people of the Town to participate in the regeneration process by firstly becoming aware of what the Town is like just now.

The project was so well received by the schools that the model grew and grew to a stage where it has become a stand alone exhibition and expression of the young people's commitment to Clydebank.

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