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Schools project :: Thursday 5th February 2004

Clydebank is a place to be avoided because of the traffic. On visiting MFI it took 25 minutes to get out of the car park back to the roundabout - a distance of 200 yds. This cannot help pollution levels. If the project does not take traffic flow into consideration it will fail. It is quicker to go from Milngavie to Braehead than to Clydebank.



West Dunbartonshire Council are currently undertaking a substantial transport study of Clydebank which will include the development of a traffic model for the Town. The results of these studies will inform future decisions on roads and traffic management systems. This work should be completed by the end of this year and any plans which are developed by Clydebank re-built will reflect their findings.

Eleanor McAllister

C Gibbons  

New Look Clyde Shopping Centre :: Monday 29th December 2003

After all that money spent on Clyde Shopping Centre why is there so many shops empty, and why have shops closed. we need different types of shops in there not just sports shops and £1 shops



Further to your email in late December, I would like to thank you for your enquiry. I think it is fair to say that the Shopping Centre is in a transition period currently and over the coming years, vacancies will drop rapidly and the development and diversification of the tenant profile will increasingly reflect the on-going programme of major investment. As you may be aware from press reports, CIS has submitted an outline planning application for a major new foodstore in the southern part of the shopping centre. I expect that this will contribute to the competitiveness of Clydebank as a retail centre and CIS and the other property agents in their efforts to attract major retailers to the town. I would be pleased to provide further information as well as a copy of Clydebank re-builtís Retail Strategy (which has recently been adopted by West Dunbartonshire Council), if you require

Alan Robertson Project Manager

martin quinn  

Public Spaces :: Monday 15th December 2003

I would like to see the offices pulled down (Dumbarton Rd ) It looks exactly the same as the DSS building on Kilbowie Rd. It would not look good to be surrounded by new buildings, and as it is just now looks a proper eyesore.



Thank you for your comments on the proposal for the public realm within Clydebank. I apologise for the delay in responding to you. This has been due to teething problems with our web site. With regards to your comments on the remaining office block on Glasgow Road, fronting the Queens Quay site (former John Brown shipyard) while this building is currently occupied it is anticipated that once the proposals for the redevelopment of this site are firmed up that the lease on the building will be terminated. The building is owned and occupied in part by one of the owners of the Queens Quay site.

At present the plans for the site are with West Dunbartonshire Council as an outline planning application which has not, as yet been decided on. If this is granted permission then detailed applications for the main elements of the site will require to be submitted for approval. This whole process is likely to take some time, at least a year. The owners of the site are aware of the sites potential uses and that future developers may not want this building to remain as the frontage to the site onto Glasgow Road. It is therefore likely (although not guaranteed) that this building will not remain in the longer term redevelopment plans for site. Thank you for your interest in the proposals for Clydebank.

Audrey Carlin Planning Officer

Carol Muir  

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