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Traffic on the ClydeWe aim to create a high quality location for people and businesses - to make Clydebank a place people want to come to and stay in.

Or, to put it another way, "To reposition Clydebank as a creative, distinctive and successful regional centre within the Glasgow Metropolitan area".

What does that really mean? We'll, we're working to:

  • Develop a new riverside area to be enjoyed by Clydebank people, workers and visitors
  • Increase jobs and training opportunities
  • Involve local people and businesses in the process of regeneration
  • Create a modern and unique location, attractive to businesses and training providers
  • Improve the quality of the built environment - to make Clydebank an attractive, secure and welcoming place
A large part of our work involves monitoring and evaluating developments. This allows us to set targets, measure progress and ensure efficiency.

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