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20 Jan 2004

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An artist's impression of Clydebank

Regenerating Clydebank - it's what we're here for

Regenerating Clydebank - it's what we're here for.

Clydebank Re-built is an organisation dedicated to developing the area - its economy, environment, buildings and society.

Our biggest assets in achieving this are the people of Clydebank - closely followed by the river Clyde itself. If we are to succeed, we will need to work with many different organisations and groups and especially those people who own much of our riverside land.

Clydebank Re-built is itself a partnership - formed by West Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire. Our board members include people from the Clydebank community, our parent organisations and local businesses.

They all share a desire to make a real difference to the area - to position Clydebank as a creative, distinctive and successful regional centre within the Glasgow Metropolitan area.

But we won't be judged by our words. The community wants to see results - like a developed riverside for workers and visitors, as well as more opportunities for work and training.

So let's get to work.

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Banners Public Spaces

Early stages of the public spaces programme focuses on the public realm within Central Clydebank. The aim is to herald the wider regeneration of the Town and signal a new, confident Clydebank, through the creation of a series of new gateways to the Town, through the strategic placement of artworks and architectural lighting and by establishing a family of attractive new signage.

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